Foliage Products and Services

Interiorscaping & Office Plants - Pennsylvania and DelawareAt Foliage Design Systems, we offer all of the products and services you may need to turn your space in Delaware, Southern NJ, Pennsylvania or anywhere else in the region into a beautiful, green garden.

Our full suite of services includes indoor and outdoor plant maintenance, office interiorscaping, garden design, holiday decoration arrangements and even artificial plants. Our landscaping and interiorscaping experts can help you with the design process from start to finish, going through your vision and idea for the space and discuss with you the best plant and foliage options to make your vision into a fresh, unique design. They are extremely familiar with many different kinds of plants and know which will thrive best in a given environment.

While we pride ourselves on our unique, indoor and office interiorscaping in Pennsylvania and throughout the tristate area, we are not restricted to indoor landscaping. If you have an outdoor space that can use some fresh greenery, our landscaping experts can design the garden or exterior display of your dreams. Like our interior gardens, we are happy to maintain the garden for you and keep your plants looking as vibrant and fresh as the day they were installed.

If you only need plants for a special event or occasion, we offer plant rental programs. Many businesses and corporate buildings looking to decorate for the holiday season take advantage of leasing programs to help bring fresh, seasonal life to their spaces. Our holiday designers bring in festive holiday decorations to your office, lobby or business in cities such as Wilmington, Delaware, or anywhere else in the tristate region, and maintain your seasonal plants throughout the entirety of the holidays.

To learn more about our full range of products or services, call Foliage Design Systems’ experts today at 201-387-7997 for a design consultation.