1.) What is an interiorscaper/plantscaper?

An interiorscaper will help you choose the plants, flowers, and greenery that would be best for your space based on everything from your layout to your budget. They also make sure your plants are maintained properly and are capable of changing the design of your interior landscaping over time to stay current with changing seasons and trends.

An interiorscaper or plantscaper is essentially an interior landscaper. A company like Foliage Design Systems that specializes in plantscaping can provide you with a number of interiorscaper services, including designing, installing, and maintaining indoor plants in commercial buildings, offices, retail spaces, and residential homes.

2.) What services does an interiorscape company offer?

Interiorscaper companies like Foliage Design Systems design, install, and maintain indoor plants. They work with you to choose the most appropriate and aesthetically-pleasing flowers and plants for your commercial or residential space, and once installed, an interiorscaper will continue to provide care for the plants over time. In some cases, that might mean maintaining the plants on a daily or weekly basis. In others, your plant maintenance program might call for less frequent maintenance. It all depends on your needs.

3.) Do you do work with green walls/living walls?

Yes, Foliage Design Systems will work with clients to determine the type of green or living wall that will work best in their location. The process includes designing the green wall based on the client’s specifications, utilizing lighting elements to show off the green wall, and installing the plants that will make up the wall. We also specialize in helping clients maintain their green walls over time. While green walls are very beautiful and will undoubtedly improve the air quality in a commercial space, they also need to be tended to often in order to keep them looking their best.

4.) Do interiorscapers also work with artificial plants?

Yes, the majority of our work involves creating custom designs made to simulate live plants. There are many businesses and companies that want to incorporate indoor plants into their commercial spaces but don’t want to have to worry about maintenance, or that want the look of certain florals without the perfume. While we offer plantscaping maintenance services, we can also design an interior landscaping plan that utilizes only artificial plants, if preferred.

5.) Do you offer holiday décor?

Yes, Foliage Design Systems offers a wide selection of holiday décor. If you are interested in decorating your office building, commercial space, or even residential property, Foliage Design Systems can design a plan using artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, garland, and sprays in a variety of sizes and themes. We also offer customized holiday themes based on our client’s needs, as well as seasonal themes so that you can decorate your space to fit the feel of any particular time of the year.

6.) Do you offer plant rentals?

Yes, Foliage Design Systems offers plant rentals for parties, weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, and any other special occasions. Many of our clients want to add plants, flowers, and more to an event space without committing to buying them. We are able to provide many different kinds of plant rentals that will fit any space, and best of all, you won’t have to worry about maintaining fresh flowers after an event, or storing artificial plants that may never be used again.

7.) What does guaranteed maintenance mean?

Guaranteed maintenance is an option Foliage Design Systems offers to all clients who rely on us for plant maintenance. With regular maintenance plans, we will come to your location and take care of your plants and arrangements, but in the event that a plant fails or shows signs of failing, you will ultimately be responsible for the replacement costs. While this is a cheaper monthly option, guaranteed maintenance, gives you the assurance that your plants will be replaced by us if they ever fail.

8.) Does FDS offer financing?

Yes, Foliage Design Systems offers flexible plant leasing plans that range from one to three years with multiple end-of-lease options. If you choose us to be your interiorscaper, we would be glad to run you through your options and tell you more about the financing choices we have in place. It’s our goal to make adding indoor plants and other plantscaping to your commercial space much more affordable for your business.

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