Company Profile

Who is Foliage Design System TriState?

Founded in October of 2015 by Managing Owner George MacBeth current  Owner / President of Foliage Design Systems of Northern New Jersey.  FDS TriState and its sister company FDSNNJ are full service interiorscape companies offering professional services and products such as interior plants, green walls, and holiday decorations for the commercial properties, office, retail, and residential markets.

George D. MacBeth, Managing Owner of Foliage Design Systems TriState

George D. MacBeth capitalized on his 25 years of business experiences in  design, sales, marketing, and management in the textile business to  found FDSNNJ in 2004.  Realizing that expanding the geographic foot print on the FDS interiorscape business through acquisitions of another interiorscape company was a major key to growth, George purchased and developed Foliage Design Systems TriState in 2015 as well as the addition of another interior plantscape company 2017.  By doing so, George has now has expanded the business in to Delaware, Pennsylvania and all of New Jersey.   With the current territory, FDS is able to assist clients with multiple locations in the TriState area.  George is a member of the Executive council of the Foliage Design Systems Franchise Company.