Artificial Green Walls and Event Walls

Another great way of adding the look of natural beauty to your indoor space is with the addition of artificial green wall panels. Luckily, you can beautify the indoor space of a commercial or residential building without having to do too much upkeep by investing in an artificial green wall design from Foliage Design System Tri-State.

Benefits of Artificial Green Walls

Looking to add a natural look to your indoor space, but don’t have a green thumb? An artificial plant wall might be perfect for you. You won’t have to fret about finding a spot with just the right amount of sunlight or worry about watering anything or keeping it alive at all. With an artificial wall, it will always look as fresh as the day you put it in. The product should last as long as you decide you want to keep it displayed. Essentially, your maintenance will just be the occasional dusting.

We can design and install artificial green walls in retail, residential, commercial and hospitality settings. We can customize the design to fit your desired look. If you’re interested in a shorter term design for a special event, we can also create and artificial event wall where a logo can be added for photo and branding opportunities.

If you want to catch the attention of passersby and add a calming feature to the atmosphere of your indoor space without * live plants, an artificial green wall could be perfect for you.

Foliage Design Systems Tri-State

We at Foliage Design Systems pride ourselves on adding the beautiful, natural green feel *to your indoor spaces with living, preserved and artificial plants. Our interior landscapers will work closely with you through the design process to create a final product that’s perfect for your space. Whether you’re located in Delaware, Southern New Jersey or Pennsylvania, we’ll help add a unique and natural feel to your indoor space. Contact us today to get started!